• 1. Crocodile Zipper Clutch.jpeg
  • 2. Elephant Zipper Clutch.jpeg
  • 3. Red Flower Zipper Purse.jpeg
  • 4. Cutie Red Square Zipper Clutch .jpeg
  • 5. Borneo Green Tulun Phone Magnet Flap Clutch.jpeg
  • 6. Line Woven Phone Magnet Flap Clutch.jpeg
  • 7. Green Horizon zipper purse.jpeg
  • 8. Flowery Special Diagonal Zipper Clutch .jpeg
  • 9. Blue sprinkle Zipper Clutch .jpeg
  • 10. Zig-Zag Triangular Flap Clutch.jpeg
  • 11. Borneo Tulun Motif Flap Clutch.jpeg
  • 12. Green Pixel Drops Zipper Purse.jpeg


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Our mission is to help local under-privileged communities upcycle household waste into beautiful and marketable handcraft products from materials that would otherwise end up as pollution. 

Our initiative is to minimize environmental pollution by upcycling waste materials & empowering many different underprivileged communities to use different skills to convert their daily household wastes and make beautiful and useful merchandisable goods to earn their livelihood.

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